2017 #GivingTuesday

 Navajo basket filled with sash belt and jewelry


#GivingTuesday, Nov. 28

The Holiday season is already upon us and in the spirit of giving I wanted to share with you the groups whose efforts I am thankful for. Click the link to learn more about the organization’s efforts and how you can support them.


5 Must Attend Events in November 2017

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month!

Happy November and National Native American Heritage Month! This month, I am dedicating all of my suggested must attend events to Native American Heritage Month. I hope that this month you will take advantage of these opportunities to learn more about the Indigenous peoples of Arizona (or wherever you reside).

So, what is the criteria I use when determining a must attend event that is published on this blog? Well, as someone who experiences FOMO every once in a while (a topic for another time) I try to select the events that I personally think would enrich my life. Sometimes I ask myself these questions: will I benefit intellectually, physically, emotionally, or spiritually?, will I strengthen my relationships with others?, will my attendance benefit a community I am part of? and sometimes I just ask myself if the event is about a topic I have a strong interest in. I also consider how much it costs to attend an event, the significance of an event to a community, and I heavily favor independent, minority, women-owned, and local businesses and events.

I do curate a list of events on my Redstreak Girl Facebook page that don’t always make the cut for the blog. So, make sure to check that list for other events that I think you might have an interest in!



5 Must Attend Events in October 2017

Redstreak Girl 5 Must Attend Events In October

October is a great month because of Halloween, Halloween, and Halloween. Okay, so I know there is more to October than just Halloween but it just happens to be that Halloween is our household’s favorite holiday. Other October events include the recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the Arizona Native American Recognition Days, which kicked off at the end of September and conclude in December, and outdoor festivals galore (thanks to the cooler Phoenix weather). However, this month I’ve identified five must attend events, which was especially hard because of all the amazing Arizona Native American Recognition Days events. Since I limit this blog post to five events there are really cool events that don’t always make the blog and so be sure to check my curated list of events on my Redstreak Girl Facebook page.



5 Must Attend Events in August 2017

Redstreak Girl 5 Must Attend Events In August

Despite the month of August being half-way over there are STILL some amazing events happening and so I give you my list of 5 must attend events in the remaining of August. I’m probably not your sole source of cool happening events but just in case you are ever curious about the events I am interested in that may or may not make this list, I curate a list of events on my Redstreak Girl Facebook page. This curated list also includes events happening next month, so if you’re wanting a sneak peek of what I may feature on the blog head on over there and subscribe!