5 Must Attend Events in August 2017

Redstreak Girl 5 Must Attend Events In August

Despite the month of August being half-way over there are STILL some amazing events happening and so I give you my list of 5 must attend events in the remaining of August. I’m probably not your sole source of cool happening events but just in case you are ever curious about the events I am interested in that may or may not make this list, I curate a list of events on my Redstreak Girl Facebook page. This curated list also includes events happening next month, so if you’re wanting a sneak peek of what I may feature on the blog head on over there and subscribe!


5 Must Attend Events in June 2017

Redstreak Girl 5 Must Attend Events In June

I have pulled together a list of 5 must attend events in June. I never got around to publishing a list of May events as the month was quite busy for me (ya know graduating from graduate school and such). However, I hope one of these events will pique your interests! As always, follow my curated list of events on the Redstreak Girl Facebook page!


Indigenerds at the Phoenix Comicon 2017


Phoenix Comicon 2017 is happening this Memorial Day weekend, May 25-28, 2017. I look forward to the Phoenix Comicon every year because it’s an opportunity for me to geek out and have fun with my family – we are Indigenerds (Indigenous Nerds)! I love seeing my teens become creative with their cosplay. And I like meeting and hearing from my favorite artists, comic book creators, and actresses/actors. As you may be able to tell from the photos from Phoenix Comicon 2016 this is our family’s type of fun.

This year, I’m especially excited for the presence of Indigenerds who are representing! If you are attending the Phoenix Comicon please show them some support. Tell these independent artists to keep up the good work and support their business by purchasing their products. These are the Indigenerds I am aware of at the Phoenix Comicon: comic book artists Damon Begay and Tatum Bowie, Boise Esquerra the Director of H.A.M., and the short film Monster Slayer which is a contemporary retelling of the Navajo twin warriors.

Damon Begay & Tatum Bowie – Comic Book Artists

Damon Begay and Tatum Bowie are both Navajo comic book artists. Damon creates Interstellar Comix and Tatum creates The Pretty Okay Adventures of Tatum. Tatum also creates comic strips, one of which, What Can You Learn From Someone Like Me?, appeared in Native American Feminist Musings Vol 2. Empower Yosef Before You Wreck Yoself. They are a power couple and I am impressed with their production as they always seem busy creating the next book in their comic series/strip, tabling at comic book events, or participating in 24-hour comic book day. Their comic books are affordable so go find their booth #AA1522 and ask them about their current project!


5 Must Attend Events in April 2017

Redstreak Girl 5 Must Attend Events In April

I’ve gathered and listed here what I think are this month’s 5 must attend events based off my personal interests. Most of these events are taking place here in the Phoenix-metro valley. For more events follow my curated list of events on Facebook!

4th Annual Easter Eggstravaganza Hosted by the Blue Bird Pinups

Saturday, April 1, 2017 – Window Rock, AZ

I love the Blue Bird Pinups for their message of female empowerment and dedication to making a positive difference in Indian communities. They have an iconic Native fashion twist to vintage and vintage inspired styles of the 1940s and 50s. They are hosting their 4th Annual Easter Eggstravaganza for youth at the Navajo Zoo. ** Sorry, I realize this event is taking place the day this blog is posted but please give these ladies some support and thanks for their efforts and love for their community!


5 Must Attend Events in March

Check out these 5 must attend events in March! There are amazing events happening in Arizona. Here are a handful of events I’m interested in relating to fashion, activism, and music. I’m looking forward to attending some of these events so if you see me come and say hi!

For more events related to fashion, American Indian representations, and activism follow my curated list of events on Facebook!

Inno-NATIONS Kick-off Events: Lecture & Fashion Show

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 – Phoenix AZ
Saturday, March 4, 2017 – Phoenix AZ

Inno-NATIONS, a developing American Indian business incubator, is hosting two kick-off events this week featuring Native American fashion businesses. The first event, Beyond Buckskin: Beyond Online, is a lecture with Jessica Metcalfe happening Wednesday March 1st. The second event, Protection In All Directions: Fashion & Resistance Awareness, is a mixture of talk, art, and a fashion show happening Saturday March 4th. It is being presented by Beyond Buckskin, OXDX, and Grownup Navajo. I’m personally looking forward to this night of fashion, Native American representation, and resistance! See you there?