I have some news to share that I am excited about and hope you will be excited too!


First I have finally named my blog! Yippee. I really don’t know why this was so tough for me, but it was and now it is done. Next week I will unveil the new name of my blog and new site (yeah I know it’s only been in place for a couple of months), so I hope you’ll come check it out.


Thank you for sticking with me and reading my posts. I know most people don’t comment on the site or on my Facebook posts (if you do, THANK YOU!) but I do get 1-on-1 comments from people which I’m really thankful for! I used to be a non-commenting type of gal and have been slowly coming out of my shell, so I totally understand you peeps who enjoy reading but don’t comment – this is cool also and thank you for reading!



Please come back Monday September 23 for the unveiling of my new blog!


Don’t worry, I’ll give plenty of reminders on Facebook and if I see you in person I may tell you multiple times about it. =)


<3 Nicky