Something amazing happened this past month.

While participating in my local Bikram Yoga studio’s 60 Day Challenge, life became very hectic. My daily routine was: wake up, make breakfast & lunch boxes for the kids, get kids to school, go to work, come home, make dinner for the kids, get ready for Bikram Yoga, drive to studio, practice, take shower, head home, have dinner, indulge in entertainment (TV, internet, music, time with hubby), and then sleep. Of course my husband and I work as a team to run the household but generally this was, for us, a hectic schedule 5 days a week, week after week. But we made it work.


On one of those hectic days, I came home to find this note from my amazing daughter laying on top of rolled mats and packed yoga bags.



The note reads:


* Two towels in bag

* Clothes set up 4 u

* Mats ready

* Shoes out

* Water bottles ready to be filled!

* You need to grab your after yoga clothes.

And I believe that’s all…


(Did this all for you…just me…I set it all up!)


I read the note and cried. How thoughtful she was to assist her mom and dad in getting us to Bikram Yoga! I love that she sees how important this practice is to us. =) It’s the little things like this note that help make a day more than just a hectic one.


Or of course she could have simply wanted us out of the house. LOL.


<3 Nicky