I’ve been nervous to post about my experience in Bikram Yoga because I don’t want to jinx my progress or fall off the wagon then have nothing to report and then look foolish for even talking about it in the first place. *PHEW*

But I realize that rather than hide my progress I should be excited to share it with you! To date, since July 1st, I’ve completed 30 sessions of Bikram Yoga with my husband and love it! Well it’s the after-effect that I love. Leading up to the class I’m anxious that I’m going to have a tough class and yes the class itself is challenging, but somehow I manage to pull through.

After one of my first Bikram Yoga classes.

After one of my first Bikram Yoga classes.


So, what about Bikram Yoga do I love?


Well, put aside the heat, sweat, and awkward poses, I really feel my body is becoming stronger. Although I’m still working on getting a strong foundation for most of the postures I’ve noticed that my ability to stand on one leg has improved and the length of time I can stand on it has increased as well. Now, I’m nowhere near doing a full posture but I continue to go to class and work hard. In the beginning I didn’t even attempt a pose or two and I often skipped a set to focus on breathing but I’m succeeding because I’m there.


In preparing for a Bikram Yoga class, one has to drink enough water during the day so they are hydrated during the class. As such I’ve increased my water intake and have stopped drinking soda and coffee. I think Bikram Yoga is supposed to help your body to detox (in some way that I’m not entirely sure how) and it has helped me to only want to eat healthy foods.  Odd but amazing!


I’ve seen other subtle changes such as forming calf muscles, muscles contracting underneath my stomach somewhere, improved posture, and while I haven’t noticed any changes in my weight (I don’t weigh myself often enough to even keep track) I definitely feel stronger.


On a whim, I bought a Groupon to Bikram Yoga Tempe and now I’m a full-fledged paying member to the studio. The instructors have been motivating and helpful as they’ve shown me modifications to postures. Even the other students have been kind and encouraging! I really wish I had taken the time to thank one lady who always acknowledged my efforts. Thank you kind lady for helping me to feel good about my efforts and motivating me to come back! My husband has been my biggest supporter not only in attending classes and motivating me to go on days when I feel like sinking into the couch cushions, but also in helping me stick to eating healthy foods by also eating them. I love him and love that we are doing this together.


I’m happy to have found something that, even if for now, is helping me to get back on track in living a healthy life.

What form of activity helps you to achieve a healthy lifestyle?

<3 Nicky