Shí éí Nicky yinishyé.  Lakota Sioux nishłį́, Deschiinii bashishchiin, Dakota dashicheii, Ta’chii’nii dashinalí.

Hello blog world.  I am Sioux born for the Dine’ Start of the Red Streak clan.  My maternal grandfather is Sioux and my paternal grandfather is Dine’ Red Running into the Water People clan.  I grew up on the Dine’ Nation located in the northern corner of Arizona but currently live in Phoenix Arizona with my two girls and husband.  My husband Wayne plays in a band Ethan 103 so you will most likely hear about the band in some of my posts.  What I like: spending time with family & friends, a great game of Catan, geekdom, traveling, my iPhone, jewelry, Cacique bras, glitter nails, Indian country politics, binge-viewing, standing first row at a BUSH concert, and great food!



So what do I feel I have to offer to the blogging world?


My perspective.  I read a number of fashion and mom blogs written by wonderful women and while the blogs are interesting I can’t always relate.


I follow Native bloggers and while I have a strong interest in their topics (usually related to social justice and politics in Indian Country) I haven’t seen many Native bloggers discussing other aspects of life.  We each are shaped by our experiences of how and where we were raised, the situations we’ve faced in life, and I feel I can contribute to the blogging world as a Native woman.


The fact that I could be fashionable  has been a recent realization.  I’ve always had an interest in fashion but until recently quality plus-size fashionable clothes didn’t seem to be easily accessible, important to the fashion world, and marketed.  In my venture these last couple years to discover quality plus-size clothes I’ve stumbled upon fashion forward blogs and it has sparked my interest.  My hope is to showcase my journey through plus-size fashion as I acquaint myself with new styles.


I want my blog to be reflective the things I’m interested in like local events, entertainment (music, books, movies), my journey to a healthy me, my plus-size fashion experiences, places I visit, and showcase happenings with my family and in my life.  I was once an avid LiveJournal user (many years ago)  but I know writing a blog is different than writing in a journal so please bear with me as I navigate this new experience (feel free to offer me suggestions!).


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<3 Nicky