5 Must Attend Events in October 2017

Redstreak Girl 5 Must Attend Events In October

October is a great month because of Halloween, Halloween, and Halloween. Okay, so I know there is more to October than just Halloween but it just happens to be that Halloween is our household’s favorite holiday. Other October events include the recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the Arizona Native American Recognition Days, which kicked off at the end of September and conclude in December, and outdoor festivals galore (thanks to the cooler Phoenix weather). However, this month I’ve identified five must attend events, which was especially hard because of all the amazing Arizona Native American Recognition Days events. Since I limit this blog post to five events there are really cool events that don’t always make the blog and so be sure to check my curated list of events on my Redstreak Girl Facebook page.



Society+ Outfits Roundup

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Society+ is one of the plus-size boutiques I shop at when I’m looking to add a statement clothing piece to my collection whether it be a tutu, top, skirt, or outerwear. I have been eyeing the The Kate Midington Skirt for a while now and thanks to a current sale (they always have sales!) I’m excited to add this to my growing Society+ collection. Since sometimes blog posts and Instagram photos (since not all my outfits make it on the blog) can get lost in time I figured I’d do a roundup of my past Society+ outfits! Enjoy!


Society+ Tutu

The Society+ Tutu is 5 layers of gorgeous and I believe it is Society+’s signature clothing piece (I think all their pieces are their signature pieces!). I featured it in my blog post about Turning 36 And Trying Not To Give A Fuck.  Here are some of my outfits:


Society+ V-Neck Skater Dress

Society+ has a variety of Skater Dresses including v-neck, scoop neck, damask, and suede styles. Earlier this year, I reviewed the Society+ V-Neck Skater Dress in Peach (which is still available). Here are a couple of my outfits:


Society+ Chicest Of Them All Vest

Aside from the tutu, I think Society+ is also most known for their Chicest of Them All Vest. This chic vest comes in a variety of colors and has amazing large lapels that drape just right. I think the Chicest of Them All Vest is a versatile piece because it can function as outwear and a dress if you want. I first wrote about the Chicest of Them All Vest in 2016 and have included in a variety of outfit posts since. Here are a couple:


Want to win a shopping spree to Society+? Well, head over to my Instagram page and locate this photo to learn how you can enter to win! (Note that the entry period for the giveaway starts August 30, 2017 and ends September 6, 2017 at 12am EST).


Let me know which Society+ outfit is your favorite in the comments below!








5 Must Attend Events in August 2017

Redstreak Girl 5 Must Attend Events In August

Despite the month of August being half-way over there are STILL some amazing events happening and so I give you my list of 5 must attend events in the remaining of August. I’m probably not your sole source of cool happening events but just in case you are ever curious about the events I am interested in that may or may not make this list, I curate a list of events on my Redstreak Girl Facebook page. This curated list also includes events happening next month, so if you’re wanting a sneak peek of what I may feature on the blog head on over there and subscribe!


Turning 36 And Trying Not To Give A Fuck

Redstreak Girl in Society+ Tutu


I did not intend to write about turning 36. Initially, this blog post started off as a general recap of how I celebrated my birthday this past month. But over the course of two weeks this post morphed into a stream of thoughts about my anxieties on turning 36, questioning why I felt this way, and how trying not to give a fuck is helpful to me. So, if this post seems disjointed it is because these are truly the thoughts I have been grappling with.

Turning 36

I am generally fine with the concept of getting older and I really love to celebrate my birthdays. But strangely, after being 36 for two weeks it has sunk in that the next few years, here on out, bring me closer to 40. Birthday milestones, especially those that indicate some type of coming of age (e.g. sweet 16, finally 21) can be fun and as a society we’ve placed some importance on milestones that are sometimes, but not always, age related from infancy to early adulthood (e.g. getting a drivers license, turning the legal age to buy cigarettes or alcohol). But for some reason all that coming of age birthday fun doesn’t seem to transfer past your 30s, at least from what I’ve gathered through popular media. This is perhaps why all of a sudden I felt some anxiety about turning 36 and the idea that 40 is just around the corner.


5 Summer Dresses To Chill In

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Torrid Summer Dress to Chill In

The hot dry summer, especially here in Phoenix AZ, calls for lightweight and airy summer dresses to chill in. A couple years ago I wrote about Torrid’s Floral Challis Maxi Sundress (similar) and what to wear under a white summer dress. That dress (pictured above) is still in relatively great condition and I still wear it to this day. Although I purchased that dress two years ago it still is one of my go-to dresses for the spring and summer. While Torrid no longer sells that specific dress I’ve rounded up 5 similar summer dresses that I could see myself chilling in, especially in 106° temps! I’m looking to add one of Torrid’s summer dresses to my closet and could use your feedback! Which is your favorite?