I intended my mini writeup of High Desert Fires‘s debut album Light Is The Revelation to actually be a bullet point in my August 2015 Recap but as I was writing what I love about their music I realized it was deserving of its own space on my blog.



For me, Light Is The Revelation is a very welcomed and revitalizing sound that has centered me on my morning commute. Sibyl Buck and Chris Traynor, one of my favorite power couples, seem boundless in their talents and I thank them for gifting me us with this album. You can download the album on iTunes or stream it for free on Soundcloud.


When I listen to Light Is The Revelation there is a ethereal feeling that makes me feel as though I am soaring and reminds me of feeling a part of a larger universe. I have sometimes felt this way when I have laid in Savasana. Given that Sibyl is a yoga instructor, I’m curious if this was an aspect of their music they had considered during the recording process. When I listen to the whole album I feel like I’m being taken on a journey…partially being guided but allowed to roam and explore on my own. With the day-to-day hustle to school, work, and back home again, feeling like I have time to wonder in my thoughts and in the universe is magical.


Chris Traynor in a recent interview with Randy Crews, an on-air radio personality for 105.1 BOB FM in Missouri, answered questions not only about High Desert Fires but also his work with BUSH and Institute. I was excited to hear Chris’s answer to my question about “unconventional” instruments that were used on Light Is The Revelation. My question came about specifically from hearing the opening sounds on Azrael which is a haunting wind sound…a sound that reminds me of standing near the edge of a canyon, soaking in the sun, and letting the breeze blow your hair around. You can list to Chris’s interview on Youtube (around 11:52 he answers my question about unconventional instruments):


I’d love to see High Desert Fires when they play an upcoming show. I already missed their debut show so I’m hoping this next time around I will be able to attend.

I hope you’ve clicked some of the links and have enjoyed the High Desert Fires experience. If you’d like to interact with the band, Sibyl, and Chris, here are the places on the web where you can find them.

Soundcloud – High Desert Fires

Instagram – High Desert FiresSibyl Buck, Chris Traynor

Facebook – High Desert Fires, Chris Traynor

Twitter – High Desert Fires, Sibyl Buck, Chris Traynor

Website – High Desert Fires


I hope you’ll add High Desert Fires to your collection of music!